Board of Elections

Local Board of Elections member requirements
Tue, March 13, 2018
1. Wicomico County has a 5-member board (3 of the party of the current Governor, 2 of the other major party). Each member is a “full” member with voting privileges. The Board President receives a salary of $ 4,500; the other members receive $ 4,000.
2. The board meets on the third Wednesday each month at 9 a.m. Meetings last for between 1 – 3 hours, depending on the proximity to an election.
3. The board delegates the operations of the office to its Director, who reports to the board at the monthly meeting, so the board can provide oversight of the Director.
4. The board approves the annual budget request, which then goes to the County Executive for approval.
5. Election related responsibilities, tasks include:
a. Most board members attend at least one Election Judge training session (approx 4 hours).
b. At least 2 members are required by regulation to check and confirm the polling place supplies prior to election day (approx 4 hours).
c. Board members usually come in and observe the testing of the voting equipment prior to each election.
d. The board is required to perform 2 non-scheduled inspections of the Early Voting Center while it is open during an 8-day period.
e. The board is asked to be there on the final night of Early Voting to help ensure the voting equipment, with the results, is securely returned to the Election Office.
f. The board is required to be at the Election Office the morning of each Election Day to receive their packets, then go out and inspect polling places throughout the day. They are also sent out, sometimes with the board attorney, to investigate any polling place incidents during the day.
g. The board is asked to be at the election office on Election Night to observe the processing of the unofficial election results, return of the supplies, etc.
h. The board serves as the local board of canvassers for each election. They are required to preside over the absentee canvass (usually 2 days after each election; approx. all day), the provisional canvass (usually 8 days after each election; approx. all day) and the absentee 2 canvass (usually 10 days after each election; approx. 4 – 6 hours). They also sign the election certification documents.
i. The board is prohibited by their by-laws from being involved in the day-to-day activities of the election office. Their role is to attend exclusively to top-level policies and plans and shall ensure compliance with mandatory requirements. They also create local policies regarding the conduct of elections as they specifically pertain to the Wicomico County election office.
j. Board members “shall put the interests of the board ahead of partisan interests, personal interests, or loyalties to other organizations in an effort to ensure the successful execution of the duties of the board.
k. When a member fails to attend 50% of the meetings in a 12-month period, they shall have been considered to have resigned.
l. Every 2 years, board members are legally required to attend the Biennial Meeting. In addition, each year the members attend a 2-day election officials’ conference.